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Booting up the computer is no harder than turning on the TV. Surfing the web is no harder than flipping channels. That's what computer viewers do. We are looking for men and women who want to go further. We are looking for visionaries tuned in to their own show—and ready to broadcast it to the world. We are looking for driven individuals who won't stop until what they see in their imagination is visible to all. We are looking for computer artists.

We'll show you how to mold pixels and polygons into an exact likeness of your inspired ideas. Start with pencil or brush, camera or stylus, clay or virtual clay. Add light and color to your sketch. Change your viewpoint. Adjust the proportions. Rework the composition. A computer artist never needs to say "it will have to do."

It only feels like magic. It's hard, exacting, exhilarating work. It's the fine art of computer graphics.

enter the 3rd decade of Computer Art at Fullerton College
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